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POS Systems

AerPOS 3615


AerPOS is an elegant and powerful all-in-one system, designed to be used in the toughest retail and hospitality environments. It is a very durable and compact system that fits beautifully on any point of sale counter. The modular design features also ensures high serviceability.

AerStore PP-9635


FEC has completely redesigned our newest Panel PCs. AerPPC offers selections of Intel® Celeron®, J1900 processors and features a modular design allowing it to be wall mounted or integrated with a base.

AerStore PP-9645


FEC proudly introduce brand new high performance AerPPC.
PP-9645 is the world’s 1st modular All-in-One POS system with swappable panel & CPU.  Equipped with Intel® H81 Chipset and selections of Intel® Celeron®, Core i3 or i5 processors, PP-9645 is perfect for all retail and hospitality business owners!

BeTouch BT1506

BETOUCHBT437Touchscreen Monitor beTouch BT 1506 is ideal for environments where open space is a problem , their thin profile requiring less space than CTR monitors with the same screen size.
The new touchscreen LCD monitor beTouch BT 1506 is the result of intense cercetatari and the feedback from customers romani.Prin quality / price ratio is very affordable for this monitor market in Romania .

FEC AerStore

aerppc-17AerSTORE is an elegant and powerful all-in-one system, designed to be used in the toughest retail and hospitality environments. It is a very durable and compact system that fits beautifully on any point of sale counter. The modular design features also ensures high serviceability.


Lenovo IdeaPad MIIX3


The Lenovo Mix 3 is a portable Windows tablet that combines the simplicity of a tablet with the familiarity of the Windows ecosystem – meaning you can get more done without spending more on a full size laptop PC. Featuring Windows 8.1 with Bing and quad-core processing performance, the 10.1″ Lenovo MIIX 3 is great for mobile productivity and fun. Features include a one-year license for Office 365, seven-hour battery life, and a price tag you’ll love.

Lenovo Tab A7


The lenovo tab a7-30 hc offers you the ultimate tablet experience. Bringing together a mix of portability and excessive multimedia performance, this extra-thin and elegantly designed tablet is coupled with powerful and top of the line processors for an uninterrupted experience.

Lenovo ThinkPad 10


The ThinkPad 10 is the ultimate business-ready 10.1-inch tablet featuring the latest Intel® quad-core processing power and enhanced security features. Get the full PC exerperience with the optional detachable keyboard or when you connect to a dock and monitor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab4


Android operating system

Productivity and entertainment at your fingertips. Download apps, games, movies, music and eBooks from Google Play. Cloud integration provides a seamless experience across all Android devices.
7″ screen with 1280 x 800 resolution

Clear, bright resolution for watching movies, surfing the Web, reading books and more.
8GB internal storage plus microSD slot

Stores your music, movies, photos and more. Expand storage up to 32GB with a microSD card (sold separately).
Quad-core processor

The right combination of fast performance and power efficiency. It allows rapid multitasking, delivers smooth response and unleashes stunning graphics.
Dual cameras for photos and face-to-face chat

1.3MP front camera and 3MP rear camera with GPS tagging, built-in photo sharing options and panoramic shots.

Cash registers

Tremol Touch

TREMOL_TOUCH_KL(2)The newest Tremol product is an innovative cash register with color sensor TFT 3.5″ display. The register is equipped with all required interfaces making this device an excellent fit for a wide range of commercial sites.

Tremol S

Mobile cash register, light weight suitable for ex van sales, home deliveries, open marketplaces and as well stores limited of space. Its long lasting battery makes it able to work at places with unstable or no electricity.

Value for price
A total bestseller from the mobile range of cash registers. Upgraded design and functionality, combined with high quality components. Guaranteed control over the whole assembling process. User friendly, PC programmable with online customer reporting software. All fiscal devices with Bluetooth have application for OS Android, which enables the customer to control the devices directly from smart phone or tablet.



You can check all available models here: http://www.datecs.ro/case-de-marcat.html



You can check all available models here: http://www.activasystem.ro/case-de-marcat.html

Daisy Expert


Daisy Expert is a cash register with a modern design and compact , weighs only 495 g and dimensions as of a calculator , reader SD card built-in and can connect the PC to function as fiscal printers , Barcode or an electronic scale bars . 2 works the cash register thermal paper rolls , roller and the second roller BON Client for cash register Journal .

It is meant small and medium shops , market stalls , even at home shipments , fairs and exhibitions (version with battery) .



You can check all available models here: http://www.eltrade.com/en/products/fiscal-cash-registers


novitus_lupo_prawa_lowresYou can check all available models here: http://www.decima.ro/casedemarcat.htm

Optima CR1020


Optima CR1020 cash register can be configured to customer demand , modifying elements of the database, the only limit is when configuring framing 1MB ; There are over 200 parameters and 400 options system that can be programmed , but only some of them are scheduled for fiscal Romanian version ;

Sapel Smart 258

sapel-smart-ht-258The modular and compact cash register , answer all functional requirements / dimensional. It is equipped with quick printers ( 75 mm / sec .). Bon width is 57mm rollers change quickly and easily. House allows connection to a PC via a standard serial port . The house also allows connecting a scanner, a scale, a printer or an additional display.


Dibal 500 WIND


Electronic scale commercial printer for receipts or labels with modern and attractive design, usability and programming simple, equipped with Ethernet communication and USB port for data transfer and fast rescue.

Vedia VDS 6


Electronic scales VEDIA VDS are non-automatic measuring instruments with high accuracy, designed and produced in the terms of applied Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 and intended for use in retails, warehouses, markets, laboratories and households. The range includes seventeen types with CE certificate of type-approval. Models marked with letter “C” or “CP” are with price-computing function and can count the number of performed measurements and sum up the prices of the goods for one customer. Interfaces for connection with cash register, computer, label printer and serial interface RS-485 are optional but they sufficiently expand the opportunities to operate with VDS scales. All scales from the range have built-in additional devices and functions such as information about the battery charge, thermometer, backlight on the display and etc. All scales are dual-intervals and vary in maximum capacity 3/6kg, 6/15kg, 6/30kg and 15/30kg. The mark “C” stands for price-computing function; the mark “P”-scale for postal services.

CAS CL 5200B

CAS CL 5200B

Electronic scale with bar code labels CL CAS 5200B

Weighing Capacity : 6/15 kg – MultiRange
Weighing division : 2/5 g
Memory articles : 10.000 PLU
Resolution: 1 / 3,000 ( dual range)
double display
Display Type : LCD ( 208 x 48 )
Print speed : Max. 100mm / sec
Print Resolution : 202 dpi
Roll Size : Width : 40 ~ 60 , Width : 30 ~ 120
Power Supply: AC 100 ~ 240V , 50 / 60Hz
Operating temperature: -10 ° C ~ + 40 ° C
Platen size ( mm ) B , P: 380 x 250
Interface USB / LAN / RS232

Digi SM100

• Direct thermal/high speed thermal printer


• Easy and quick loading of receipt or label
• Update the date and time automatically with the built-in clock
• Quick response to the weight change
• Wireless LAN network 2-in-1 Bridge(optional)
• 19 Segments Green LCD Display
• RS232 and Ethernet interface for data updating

Digi DS 782


DS-782 is an accurate, user-friendly price computing scale for speedy weighing transactions.
– Compact body
– High contrast LCD display with backlight
– Up to 99 PLUs programmable
– 15 preset keys
– RS-232C interface
– Operates on rechargeable batteries

Jadever JPL


The Jadever JPL is a low cost, trade approved digital price computing / retail scale. It has a rechargeable battery with a minimum 40 hours’ continuous use, meaning you can take it anywhere, and making it ideal for small shops and market traders. An AC adaptor is also included in the price so that the scale can be powered directly from the mains.

The front and rear 1/3000 resolution, EC approved LCD displays show weight and price clearly, and ten pre-set keys mean you can program in your most popular products for quicker weight/price information.

The JPL is available as a 15kg capacity scale (with 5g graduations) or a 6kg capacity scale (with 2g graduations). It can display either cost per kilo or cost per 100g (please contact us if you would like the latter as cost per kilo is the standard setting).

Dibal G310


Electronic scales Dibal G310 (with battery) arm can be connected to cash registers of our company are in demand and can be integrated in software management solutions .

Thermal printers

Aures ODP 333

Aures ODP 333This compact, minimalist printer offers a splash-proof cubic design, a convenient front receipt printout –and a low power motherboard, together with a triple interface.
Specially designed for point of sale and service applications, the ODP 333 by AURES is a thermal receipt printer which features a triple interface (including Ethernet) in a minimalist compact and cubic style, available in black or white.
With its front receipt printout, it ensures optimum protection against dust, crumbs and liquid splashes in tough environments such as kitchens, restaurants, bars, bakeries and the like.
Thanks to its Energy Star* certification, it switches automatically to stand-by mode in less than one second after it stops printing, allowing average power savings of at least 30% – embodying and thus respecting the values of Green IT.

Bixolon SRP 350


The industry’s steady selling receipt printer

Powerful Printing Performance
– Fast printing up to 250mm/sec (25% faster than the SRP-350II)
– 4-type dithering options for graphic printing
– A family of the world-class SRP-350 line

Multiple interface choice
– Built-in USB with a choice of Serial, Parallel,or Ethernet

User-friendly Design
– Anti-jam guide
– Stand-alone or Space-saving wall-mount use
– 2” or 3” paper choice

Bixolon SRP-F 310


BIXOLON SRP-F310 supports a printing speed of 270 mm/sec, 180 dpi / 203 dpi resolution, and is a waterproof front exit printer that acquired IPX2 Class.

Liquid-Barrier™ front exit printer
IPX2 Class Certified

All-in-one Interfaces
∙ USB + Serial + Ethernet + WLAN*
∙ USB + Parallel + Ethernet + WLAN*
* WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n USB dongle type (optional)

Optional BIXOLON Interactive Linker
∙ Programmable choice using 4 buttons.
(Receipt on demand printing/Cash drawer open/
Printing stop/Signal back to host POS)

Ergonomic design & High glossy option

Custom Q3X


Q3X is the ideal solution for thosecustomers searching for the latest performance levels in a modern design product. The thermal head provides excellent graphic printing quality and lower consumption. The cutter has been designed to optimize the product performance, both in terms of efficiency and reliability, and meets the most demanding operating requirements. Its elegant design, developed to perfectly match any environment, is combined with high technological contents. It prints on 80 mm wide thermal paper, with front ticket outlet. Serial / USB interface.
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces available.

Datecs EP50

DATECS EP50The EP-50 printer is the cheapest and most compact solution for your grocery store.
It can be easily connected to your digital scales to print any package content or weighing info for all fruits & vegetables available at your store.

Datecs EP50


Simple to set up and simple to maintain, the affordable TM-T20 supports all current operating systems. And with an in-built AC adaptor, AC cable, interface cable and wall hanging bracket included, it is the complete POS solution, straight out of the box.

This is an ideal combination of high quality and reliability at an affordable price, so will fit perfectly into any retail environment.

With this economical, easy-to-use, thermal receipt printer, you can get set-up with minimum fuss, as everything you need is in the box. And Energy Star Certification means a reduced Co2 footprint, so this is a greener choice.

Sewoo LK-T320


• Energy Star qualified for power efficiency

• High speed printing :

SLK-T32EB II/SLK-TL322II/SLK-TE322 II : 220mm/sec

SLK-TE323 : 300mm/sec

• Paper width adjustable : 50~82.5mm

• ESC/POS command compatible

• Supports various drivers

Windows Driver(2012, 8, 7, 2008, VISTA, 2003, XP, 32bit & 64bit)

Windows CE & Mobile Driver & SDK(CE 4.2 ~ , Mobile 5.0 ~)

Linux Driver, Mac Driver, OPOS Driver, JavaPOS Driver

iOS SDK, Android(2.1 ~) SDK, Windows SDK

• Melody box(Accessory)

Sewoo LK-T320


KUBE II is the ideal thermal POS printer for the retail and hospitality sectors. Thanks to its compact, appealing and robust design, and the possibility to install it both vertically and horizontally, it is the ideal solution for Points of Sale. KUBE II comes powerful and extremely fast: it prints on 80/82.5mm tickets providing extraordinary printing quality and the possibility to move and position the characters and graphics in any direction. The large paper roll (90mm diameter) assures High printing capacity. KUBE II features unique performance levels, sturdiness and reliability: it isequipped with long-life and high quality printing head (200 km of printed paper), and with the new cutter for automatic receipt cutting, to provide the greatest efficiency for over 2 million cuts. KUBE II prints high resolution graphic coupons and logos. KUBE II comes also equipped with special accessories like the Spill-proof Cover and sides available in different colours (red, silver and beige). KUBE II comes equipped with USB, Serial RS232 or Ethernet interface, with drawer control drivers.

Birch BP-T3


BP-T3 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer, no hustle for interface changing, is fitted for RS232+USB+LAN With the professional Printer Head and Auto Cutter Mechanism able to print Both Standard and QR code

Fiscal printers

Epson N TM-T260F


The 2-station thermal TM-T260F is specifically designed to meet the needs of markets with a fiscally regulated PoS. Sold without interface, the printer can be customised with the appropriate fiscal module for local authority approval.
High performance and robust, the TM-T260F offers fast and virtually silent, text and barcode printing – 150mm per second for receipts and 100mm per second for journals.
Like all Epson PoS printers, the TM-T260F is very simple to operate. User-friendly features include front loading drop-in paper roll and integrated auto-cutter.
Thanks to its compact design, the TM-T260F occupies minimal counter space enabling you to make the most of the point of sale.

Datecs FP 550T


Fiscal compact thermal printer has memory
Simultaneous fiscal receipt print and electronic journal
Automatic receipt cutter
Download and print graphic logo in the header of each tax receipt (optional )
Tax reports daily , with or without removal
Print mode : Thermal Printing in points
Printing width : 54mm / 36 or 40 symbols per line
Speed : 12.5 lines per second
Logo: 12×54 mm
Interface: Serial RS -232
Drawer interface (optional )
Paper : Thermal roll 57mm / 40m
Source : AC 220v
Weight: 2300 kg
Dimensions : W x L x H – 128 x 359 x 162 mm
Use : the -5g / C to + 40g / C
Storage: from -10g / C to + 60g / C

Inventory equipments

Cipherlab CPT 8001

CIPHERLAB CPT 8001CipherLab 8000 terminals are hardworking partners for busy workers in virtually every retail environment, from grocery and convenience stores to specialty and department stores.

The 8000 series mobile computers combine easy scanning, accurate data capture, long working hours, and powerful options in a compact handheld. With efficient data capture and control, shelves stay fully stocked and merchandise moving. Sales staff spend less time fussing with details and more time creating customer satisfaction and revenue. Handy 8000s add robust performance and flexible functionality to fast-moving companies that recognize the value of data management.

Optiocn DCL1531


The Opticon DCL-1531 barcode data collector is specially designed to meet the needs of the consumer market user. With an LCD graphical display, USB and IrDA communication interfaces and AAA Alkaline batteries, the DCL-1531 makes barcode data collection simple for anyone. The DCL-1531 also includes a real-time internal clock, alphanumeric keypad and plenty of on-board memory.

Cash drawers

Mediu MK350


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