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Discover how the market leaders for POS software on PC & Tablets can customize a solution that smoothly scales as your business thrives.

Customer care

Customer Tools: customer satisfaction is one of the most important sales boosters and because we know that, Freya comes with many great features to help you transform each customer into a true brand ambassador.

Fully integrated reservation system

No more papers everywhere, no more mismatched tables, everything in one place, already synced, assign the table right from the start and even readjust the table setup

Pay the way you want

Different payment methods: Nowadays people pay cash, card, vouchers, points and more. Your system need to suit everyone’s needs.

Check Splitting

Easy check splitting at the table and an easy to use and fast fiscal bill emission, straight from the POS, no more back office needed.

Taxi Hailing Service

Your customers need an easy way out? With Freya you can seamlessly summon a cab through our integrated system

Music Player

Access your playlists from the POS system. You no longer need 2 pcs inside; you can handle all your digital needs from your POS system.


Marketing: is as important as sales and stock, and we know that. With Freya you get huge customization options for your offers.

Happy hours

You can optimize your people flow. Enable discounts on the products you want to move faster, or on categories depending on your recipes, and many other features that you can only get with Freya. Discover them all today


Build your client database with all the important data, track purchases and visits, learn about favorite items and upgrade your customer care to 5 star levels.

Alternative coin systems

Develop your own loyalty system with our alternative coin systems – award them and sell with them. You can do so much more now with Freya

Payment with cards

Emit customer loyalty cards with unique codes, assign designated categories with different benefits for each of them. Gold and platinum clients are at your reach. State of the art readers available.

Cash and vouchers

Emit vouchers and register them directly in Freya, no more hassle, no more pen and paper. Have an automated reward system at your fingertips, everything is now in one place.

Powerful Discount Engine

Allow discount usage as you see fit, discount categories, products, client lists, user defined and more. Take full advantage of Freya’s unparalleled marketing features.


Products: Organize and display your products as you see fit. Get them in the right categories, bundle them, sort out properties, and apply special filters. Sell more, now you have limitless control over them.

Best in class product structuring system

We help you organize and define your products the way it matters for you. You can attach images, dates, prices, calories, provenance, dedicated discounts, happy hours, client favorites, prep differences and more.

Full tracking

Know what sells, when it sells, how it sells and who sells is best. Take full charge of your product movements, make the right buying decision each time.

Recipes and Nested Recipes

Your manufacturing has never been easier to follow, use complex recipes and even recipes within recopies. You have a great cocktail that is mixed with an even more complex one? You can do it, and it goes directly into your inventory. Super precise management for all products.

Customer Diversity

Need to prepare something just a bit different? Less sugar, less mayo, no milk, super-size? If your costumer wants it, then you should provide it. Now you can, since every product has Prep Attributes for you to control.

Powerful attributes

Vegan, high protein, Homemade, pasta, gluten free, etc., it is all there. Easy to find, track and manage, all from one screen.  You can also distribute in categories, sub categories, based on procedures, time of purchase, expiration date

Stock & Inventory

Restock List

Allow you to take the right decisions when it comes to restocking and acquisitions. You will no longer trap your money in useless merchandise. Freya helps you restock what you actually need.

Work stations

With our workstation function you get endless possibilities, especially if your business is dynamic. You can manage multiple bars, kitchen prep stations and input points, everything completely centralized.

Internal stock transfers

Load and unload from different workstations to better optimize your centralized stock. Get the Enterprise solution for a true multi-location solution

Live price Check

Freya automatically checks for differences in you acquisition price. Never fall out of profit. Now you see the changes in real time and can act on them.

Barcodes and QR Codes

Easily organize your inventory with our integrated reader technology, lookup, measure and control your stock in just a few steps.

Easy Inventory

Your inventory is just a click away. Freya allows you to check and modify your inventory with ease. No more wasting time counting, you have it fast and secure.

Data and Reports

Sales Report

Track your sales on various periods, products and categories. Identify the star players as well as poor performers, make the right decisions based on real numbers. Check how your promotions are doing and where they can increase the output.

Daily Resume

Know exactly what happened each moment of the day, see if your efforts are paying off. Look after errors and discover issues fast in order to immediately solve them.

Email Data

You don’t need to be close to your business, now you can easily receive your reports in your email. No matter where you are, your business performance is next to you. You are able to manage it wherever you are.

Complete picture

Uncover every detail of your business, track everything on everyone and know each number. With Freya you truly control your business

Client Service

Understand when they come, why they come and what they buy. Focus your resources on their behavior, know all the important data.

Daily Email

Get a comprehensive report at closure, who sold the most, how much you sold and who took the shifts. Be in touch with your business at all times.

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Award winning service

We take immense pride in caring about our customers, and we’ve done so for nearly two decades. We know that when our customers are successful, we are too, which is why we put so much focus on service before, during, and after a sale.


24/7 Customer Care

Your business doesn’t stop when the doors close, and neither do we. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we’re right here to help in any way we can. If you need us minutes before a busy dinner service, or right as the doors open on a black Friday sale, we’ve got you covered.


With you every step of the way

From your first week in your first premises to your tenth year of consecutive growth, Freya is right there with you. The last thing you want is to have to go through the entire POS buying process again as you get bigger, so we adjust as your needs evolve

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