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Fast, Easy to use, Powerful

Freya restaurant is the top the line solution in our suite. It is the most powerful and complete hospitality software that we have ever encountered. There are so many things you can do, and then there are hundreds more that you did not even know you needed. And we put them at your disposal. Table management, kitchen management, shifts, bookings, orders, entry and exit, marketing, newslettering, music player integration and a whole lot more. For a detailed list of the over 1000 things you can and should do with Freya, please contact one of our Freya Partners and start developing your business right now.


Fast, Easy to use, Complete

The one stop solution for all your hotel needs. Freya Hotel allows you to control absolutely all aspects of your business, the way you want it and when you want it.
We support unlimited number of rooms, various payment systems, powerful staff management tools, a very customaizable booking engine, travel agency integration, prebooking, pre payments and other tools. Room classification with separate pricing, separate functions, separate fittings, VAT control, client database, room service, client fidelity systems, integration with other software, data import and export and the list goes on and on.


Quick Install, Easy to use, Integrated

Freya Shop delivers a simple, fast, easy to understand sales experience. It tracks stock, it integrates with a variety of software and hardware solutions and is mobile ready on Android and is always in development.
We know how important a quick and seamless tranzaction process is. With Freya Shop you will always be ready for business.

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