Freya is a state of the art hospitality operating system that any business needs, large or small, Freya can handle it for you. It provides management with a full 360-degree view of their business, from supply to customer care, all in one place. It is custom built to face and solve issues that are specific to our often complicated industry.

Overall, Freya is powering over 2000 hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs all over Romania, as well as ski resorts and spas with the help of our Rental land therapy add-ons. New partners and new features are being added every day. It is a modern high-tech solution, designed to provide you with intuitive and easy to understand tools, so that you can achieve your business’s maximum performance with the least money and time investment. Get more creative, let us do the math.

It features a unified, modern and intuitive UI, easy to use and appealing to even the non tech savy users. It provides simple integration with other software and countless hardware compatibilities, monthly updates and continuous development from our side, assure its scalable future. Come and discover a true hospitality OS.

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